‘Domestic Settler Colonialism’ and ‘Capital, Conversion, and Settler Colonialism’: New SouthHem Publications

One of our new SouthHem publications is now available open access while others will become available on the UCD research repository in due course following the expiry of green open access embargoes. Stay tuned for further publications in the next few months.

Megan Kuster, Domestic Settler Colonialism in Katherine Mansfield’s “Old Tar” and “The Garden Party”, Tinakori, 4 (2020), 48-59.


Porscha Fermanis, Capital, Conversion, and Settler Colonialism in Samuel Butler’s Erewhon, Journal of Victorian Culture, 25.3 (2020), 424-42.


Porscha Fermanis, British Cultures of Reading and Literary Appreciation in Nineteenth-Century Singapore, in The Edinburgh History of Reading: Subversive Readers, ed. Jonathan Rose (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2020), pp. 116-37. 


Image: New Zealand Graphic and Descriptive. Wellington Harbour., 1877, London, by Charles Decimus Barraud, W Blatchley, C F Kell, Sampson Low Marston Searle & Rivington. Courtesy of Te Papa Collections (1988-0004-1).

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