SouthHem Seminar Series Feb-April 2020

SouthHem Seminar Series 2019-2021

Our seminar series for 2019-2021 has two themes: 1. Indigenous Knowledge-Brokers, Natural History Collecting, and Environment; and 2. Periodical and Media Studies

Below is a list of speakers for February-April 2020. Further speakers and details will be added as they emerge.

February 2020

Thursday 6 February 2020

Dr. Michelle Keown (University of Edinburgh)

“Isles of Voices: The Politics of Representation and Translation in Graphic Adaptations of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Pacific Stories”

4pm, UCD Humanities Institute

April 2020

Wednesday 1 April 2020:

Dr. Geoff Bil (University of Delaware)

“The Making of an Imperial Onomastics: Botany and Territoriality in Nineteenth-Century Aotearoa New Zealand”

4pm, UCD Newman Building, J208

Wednesday 15 April 2020:

Prof. Marilyn Booth (University of Oxford)

“Marilyn Booth in Conversation with Sharae Deckard: On Arabic Translation, Literary Prizes, and the Politics of Publishing”

4pm, UCD Newman Building, J208

Wednesday 29 April 2020

Prof. Mark Turner (Kings College London)

“Seriality, Miscellaneity and the Dynamics of Print in the Nineteenth Century”

4pm, UCD Newman Building, J208



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